Mal Pelo Swimming Horses


Swimming Horses is a book born of a desire to pause, to seek a moment of concentration and calm in which to review the elements accompanying Mal Pelo’s creations over the past twelve years.

In it we present photographs by Jordi Bover which, as well as having great depth and visual power, allow us to look at different aspects of our work: movement, the use of objects, lighting, gesture and presence, the tensions of space and some of the codes and tools we have used. Then there are also the voices of people who have followed the evolution of the group, offering their precise views of aspects such as the way we inhabit the stage, or how we construct a fragmented dramatic composition based on different languages and the strength of the performers.

Swimming Horses is a record that offers a many-sided view of the work we have shared with collaborators and spectators and is, at the same time, a gesture of thanks to them all for accompanying us on this beautiful journey.

  • Edited by: Mal Pelo in association with Polígrafa
  • Size: 22,6x 26,6 mm
  • Pages: 292
  • Printing: Nova Era