CAMPER Inconformista


Many and varied are the fruits of the workshop organised by Camper at Son Fortesa. Amongst them, this book which tells the tale of the event’s adventures and its results. The workshop has a different theme every year, and every year the book too is different and is yet another experimental aspect of the creative liberty that pervades the workshop. On this occasion the experiment consists of telling the tale like a novel so that readers can imagine it in their own way. A perfect task for Matilde M. Oriola, a journalist with the soul of an author and rebellious streak previously unknown to us. No sooner had she landed in Mallorca and read the slogan “Unconformist” over the workshop door than she changed the initial focus of the assignment. The novel, eventually written in tandem with M.S. Laliga, became an extraordinary work of fiction inspired by real people and events, starting with herself in the role of the spy Arnaldur Arnarson.


  • Pages: 256+88
  • Size: 18 x 22,5 mm
  • Printing: Nova Era